Industrial Tailoring

National Tailors serves some of the world’s largest oil refineries, petroleum companies, and construction companies. We also serve many public service entities, including fire departments.

We specialize in modification of flame-retardant uniforms and flame-retardant clothing (FRC).

Given the increase in price and value of industrial uniforms, many companies find cost savings in the repair and alteration of FRC, rather than replacement.

Services include:

  • Cleaning, repair and alterations of FRC
  • Addition of names, logos and patches to any type of material or any type of uniform
  • Addition of reflective striping on FRC
  • FRC leg zippers
  • Hurricane preparedness and recovery services, such as cleaning and shrink wrapping

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Reflect patch

It is crucial that alterations and modifications to flame retardant gear be accomplished using flame-retardant materials, such as FRC striping and thread.

National Tailors keeps an enormous inventory of such materials in stock to facilitate emergency orders and ensure 1-2 day turnaround.

Modifications of any type are possible, including addition of pockets and straps to facilitate gear and personal items. We aim to maximize your safety while ensuring ease of work and productivity on the job.